About Us

Who Are We?

The Step Forward Foundation is a private, not-for-profit organization that works in a comprehensive and participatory way to improve the living conditions and to promote social and economic development of the Shuar communities of the northern and central region of the Province of Morona Santiago, in an inclusive and sustainable way.  The Foundation is a registered charity in the Republic of Ecuador.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the development of programs and projects aimed at generating opportunities that allow the Shuar communities to improve their living conditions and their community organization, strengthen their capacities and be protagonists of their own development.

Step Forward promotes the construction of the social fabric of the Shuar communities in the north and central regions of the Province of Morona Santiago, within the framework of their traditions, value system and worldview.

Our approach is to provide concrete solutions to problems identified in the following Work Areas: Water, Economic Development, Education, Health and Nutrition, Culture, and Sports for Development.

Our Vision

Step Forward seeks to empower Shuar communities to be generators of their own development based on relationships of trust and participatory work, within the framework of their indigenous traditions and worldview.

Step Forward understands that the participation of the beneficiary Shuar communities in the development of the respective projects, through mingas and other community work, ensures the projects’ sense of belonging and facilitates their sustainability over time.

We are committed to meeting the following objectives:

Water: Support the Shuar communities in the development of sustainable and participatory solutions for access and distribution of clean water.

Economic Development: Develop sustainable food security programs and production chains that contribute to improving the nutrition of the Shuar communities and their incomes.

Education: Promote initiatives aimed at strengthening the educational offer and improving adequate access to educational services for boys and girls in the Shuar communities.

Health and Nutrition: Promote programmes and initiatives that prevent diseases and improve the physical and mental health of the Shuar communities, in accordance with their ancestral knowledge and good habits.

Culture: Promote initiatives aimed at strengthening the Shuar cultural identity and their language.

Sports for Development: Design and execute projects that promote values, the good use of free time and good practices of co-existence through sport.

Our Focus

Step Forward analyzes the needs of the Shuar communities and, based on their feedback, identifies projects of high strategic value. Next, it defines as priority those projects that have the greatest impact among the communities with greater needs, in a way that (i) promotes their economic and social development, (ii) allows their beneficiaries to develop their skills, (iv) is sustainable, and (iv) empowers the communities to become generators of their own development in the long run.