The Challenge

Some of the biggest problems faced by the Shuar communities of Morona Santiago are the lack of access, distribution and quality of water. The inhabitants of these communities use and travel several kilometres to collect water from rivers and streams. This problem and the direct consumption of this dirty water causes various diseases and directly damages their quality of life.

Beneficiary Population

11 Shuar communities from the Kutuku mountain range.


Step Forward supports the Shuar communities in the development of solutions for access and distribution of water to each household and to the main communal points. Likewise, it develops programs to sensitize and teach the Shuar communities processes for water purification.


Step Forward analyzes the needs of the Shuar communities of Morona Santiago located in the Kutuku mountain range and determines which have the greatest problems in terms of access and distribution of water.  Subsequently, it designs solutions, socializes them with the respective community and makes adjustments that meet their expectations. Step Forward provides the materials required for construction and directs the works, and together with the community proceeds to the corresponding construction.